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How It Works

Collagen is a human protein made by fibroblast cells in the dermis layer of the skin. Skin is supported by underlying collagen and elastin, because these proteins are responsible for the tightness, elasticity and suppleness of the skin. Research proves that during the course of the aging process, especially after the age of 30, the skin loses its ability to produce the collagen protein. As a consequence lines and fine wrinkles appear. Pure, non-laser red light stimulates the body’s own natural process to form new collagen and elastin proteins.

The best type of light is to be found at a wavelength of 633 nanometers. This type of red light reaches the deepest layer of the skin, delivering energy to the cells to stimulate a response from the body to use the energy itself. Therefore this rejuvenation method is far more effective to increase the production of collagen protein compared to using collagen creams because these creams only reach the top layer of the skin and do not get through to the lower dermis layer where the collagen is produced.

Session Program

Collagen sessions are effective for your whole body without any negative side effects or harm – no pain. Sessions are effective for both male and females from around 30 years and older. 30 is the age that production of collagen and elastin decreases slowly.

  Initial session program

Start with the Collagenic by taking 2 to 3 sessions of 15 minutes per week for 10 to 12 consecutive weeks. For the best result, it is preferred to spread these 2 to 3 sessions evenly over the week. In addition, we recommend enough sleep, healthy food and a healthy lifestyle to further increase the results received by the Collagenic device. This initial session program has been developed in order to achieve the utmost result from the Collagenic lamps. It is therefore our advise to complete this total starters program.

  Maintenance program

It is strongly advisable to continue with the maintenance program after you have completed the initial session program in order to maintain the achieved results.

You can maintain the results of the skin rejuvenation by taking 1 session of 15 minutes maximum a week. This retains the creation of collagen and elastin fibres and therefore keeps up the achieved results in your appearance. The other benefits, like maintain feeling good through the increase of serotonin, increased blood circulation and keeping your muscles flexible, can still be enjoyed by taking one Collagenic session per week.

Benefits of Collagenic Therapy

  Renewal of Collagen and Elastin Fibres in the Skin

Collagenic light reaches the deepest layer of the skin, the dermis layer, and this is the place where the production of the collagen protein is activated and increased.

  Smoothens the Skin

Research reports that your skin will feel smoother after taking collagen light sessions.

  Reduces Pore Size

Different scientific studies mention that most subjects confirmed that their pores were decreased in size as one of the outcomes of the research.

  Reduces Spots

Collagen light lightens age spots, sunspots and other discoloration of the skin. The color of your skin gets toned.

  Improvement of the Skin’s Moisture Retention, Suppleness and Firmness

Due to the increase in collagen and elastin fibres, your skin will become more firm and also the skin’s moisture retention will be increased.

  Oxygenation and Detoxification of the Skin

Red light at 633 nanometers increases the transfer of energy between your skin’s light absorbing molecules. These activated molecules cause your skin to react by increasing the oxygenation and detoxification of the skin.

  Reduces Deposits of Cellulite

Research studies show that red light is very effective for skin rejuvenation, but also for skin care including cellulites. By increased oxygenation and detoxification of the skin and because blood circulation goes up through the use of collagen light, your skin will be smoothened and cellulite will become less visible.

  Diminishes Fine Lines and Wrinkles

The renewal of the collagen cells production causes fine lines in the skin to disappear and wrinkles to become less visible.

  Visible Anti-Aging

Due to all the benefits described above, Collagenic light causes your skin to restore its youthful radiance and appearance, which results in visible anti-aging. You will look and feel younger!

  Feels Good

Due to the exposure to light, your body increases the hormone Serotonin. It is proven that this hormone will make you feel happy. Exposure to this bright light also helps against the Winter Blues.

  Helps Weight Loss

The same Serotonin hormone suppresses your appetite. Therefore it can help to lose weight.

  Relieve Pain

The warmth of the collagen lamps make muscles more flexible and are an aid for myalgia.

  Stimulates Blood Flow for Increased Circulation

Your skin will have a better oxygenation and detoxification, mainly due to the energy that will be transferred through the cells in your skin. Research has proven that this also leads to a better blood circulation of your body.

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