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Tanning & Collagenic Equipment Details

Being the elite in Southeast Asia tanning business, you will only find UltraSun International’s premium grade of tanning equipment at BRONZ.

UltraSun International b.v. has been one of the main global players in the tanning market that offers a complete range of professional, stylish sunbeds that deliver exceptional tanning results to customers. They have extended their product range with new innovations like the Collagenic rejuvenation systems to show their expertise to the world. Ultrasun International has reached the hearts of their clients with continuous strive for excellence in providing the highest level of customer service through their extensive network of professional distributors. The continuous investment in research and development and quality control ensures many years of problem free professional use of both their sunbeds and collagen devices.

Our primary concern is always the safety and comfort of our clients. As such, we are equipped with the latest and the most number of tanning beds and booths in Singapore. Tanners are free to relax in comfort on our tanning beds while enjoying an overall even tan. These beds offer the most complete tan by incorporating SmartLight, SmartCooler, SmartMusic, SmartShape, SmartShoulder + Neck Tanner and SmartControl. For those who are claustrophobic, or do not like confined spaces, do not worry! We also have tanning booths.

As with all professional solariums, our tanning equipment is housed in individual rooms for complete tanning privacy. Besides offering tanning services, BRONZ is also a tanning and collagenic equipment distributor for UltraSun International b.v.

Consult our staff if you are keen to start a tanning business or if you wish to purchase a domestic tanning bed for your personal use.


The i8 is an invigorating experience and the world's best-selling stand-up. This innovative design offers space and comfort for freedom of movement, body toning and a perfect all over tan. Designed to relax and re-energize with aromatherapy, water breezes and wellness sounds to enhance the i8 experience.

The i8 offers a superb tan and tone experience. The VibraPlate can be controlled effortlessly to set speed and intensity of vibration as you want. Opt for the Aroma and Breeze systems and transform this stand-up into a total wellness experience. The i8 can be optimized with its own lockable changing room.

 Tanning Lamps  48 x Sunfit XXL 200W
 Max. Exposure  12 minutes

The most spacious upright tanning experience in the world. A seamless tan can be achieved all over your body while you have ample room to feel free and relax. Plug in your phone or personalize the tunes to match your mood. Premium features include a built-in air-conditioning system guaranteeing a fresh and exhilarating recharge, as well as a healthy tan. Lavish space combined with the very latest technologies makes the i9 the most luxurious standing experience available.

Feel free to re-energize as you close your eyes and dance in the sun to your favorite music. Relax with refreshing aromatherapy and cool water breezes. The world's largest stand-up tanning system has it all!

 Tanning Lamps  64 x Sunfit XXL 200W
 Max. Exposure  12 minutes
Infinity Collagenic

The Infinity Collagenic is a compact and comfortable machine that is packed with a surprising array of features. Functionality and efficiency are combined with amazing design. With a built-in BodyCooler you can create the perfect climate for building up your collagen while enjoying your personal moment.

The Infinity offers outstanding value in a compact footprint. The IQ Touch Control 2.0 allows you to control every possible feature. With the Rainbow Manager you can create an interior and exterior light show or set the color to suit your mood or style of the studio.

 Top lamps  16 x Sunfit Collagenic 120W
 Base lamps  16 x Sunfit Collagenic 120W
Omega Collagenic

The Omega Collagenic is an intense rejuvenation experience. As the most comprehensive machine in the Original Dr. Muller by Ultrasun Collagenic range the Omega comes with your personal touch control, entertainment system controllable light show and turbine BodyCooler.

The Omega is designed for vitality and rejuvenation. The total body cooler ventilation system provides fresh air at the touch of a button. Add in the Airco option and it is even more of a pleasure.

 Top lamps  22 x Sunfit Collagenic 180W
 Base lamps  18 x Sunfit Collagenic 120W
SuperTower Collagenic 64 / 48 / 42

A gentle standing experience that helps you to re-energize and refresh your body as you smooths your skin. Free movement and an enjoyable session are guaranteed you can relax to your favorite music while you recharge yourself.

For a more intense recharge, add in a VibraPlate, set the speed and intensity to suit your mood and enjoy the vibrations in a cooled atmosphere.

 CollaShower 64 Lamps  64 x Sunfit Collagenic 200W
 CollaShower 48 Lamps  48 x Sunfit Collagenic 200W
 CollaShower 42 Lamps  42 x Sunfit Collagenic 180W
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