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Indoor Tanning Lotions Details

As a professional tanning salon, BRONZ provides purely premium grade of lotions to protect and preserve your skin by offering a selection of tanning and after-tan lotions to keep your skin soft, supple and healthy.

We have carefully selected tanning lotions from Australian Gold Inc. (The largest tanning products manufacturer in the world) to meet the different needs of our clients.

Research from lotion and skincare manufacturers indicates that the use of a pre-tan lotion can enhance and stimulate the body's natural tanning process.

There are two basic steps one should adopt in developing a tan:

Pre-tan lotions should be applied before exposure to UV light. Most of these lotions are made from tyrosine base. Tyrosine is an amino acid that is necessary for the production of melanin in the body. A pre-tan lotion lays the foundation for building a rich and healthy tan. It moisturizes the skin while tanning and allows UV light to penetrate the skin. Manufacturers of tanning products believe a properly cultivated tan can be the body's most effective sunscreen against the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin.

Using post-tanning lotions is another vital step one should follow in a tanning regimen. They serve basically one purpose - to moisturize and replenish the skin that has been dried during the tanning process. This minimizes both peeling and flaking, and keeps the skin moist and healthy.

There are major differences between indoor and outdoor tanning. Indoor tanning relies primarily on manufactured UVA rays in a controlled environment, while outdoor tanning comprises both UVA and UVB natural rays in widely varying environments. Further, indoor lotions are specially designed to be use on acrylics. Because of these differences, different lotions are used for protection and tanning enhancement.

Indoor Tanning Lotions

Australian Gold® tanning formulas are nature-based to promote the darkest tan and healthiest-looking skin possible, so the tan you get is your own...naturally! The Australian Gold Institute™ researchers are pioneers in the creation of premium tanning and skincare products, so every Australian Gold® tanning formula you buy contains years of tanning and skincare research that leads the tanning industry.




Sustain Intensifier


Double Dip Intensifier





Natural Bronzers



Nude Awakening


Naturally Dark Bronzer


Totally Beachin'


Sinfully Black

Delayed Bronzers

Superior DHA Bronzer


Rock Culture


Sol D Mand


Pretty Fierce


Daringly Black


Crystal Faces


Smooth Faces


Bronze Minerals Legs






Risque Ritual


Hot! Sport


Love Hurts


Pink Diamond

"Over exposure to ultraviolet radiation is dangerous to your skin. Protective eyewear must be worn at all times while tanning." Back To Top